My Son Was Hurt at the Park

When my six year old son got hurt playing at the park, I took him to our doctor just to make sure everything was okay. He ordered some X-rays but did not see anything wrong. He suggested that we see Sacramento chiropractors because of the level of pain my son was experiencing. He did not want to prescribe a narcotic that he would take for several days, and I was happy about that. He did give him a shot for the pain, and I was also relieved for that because no mother likes to see her child hurting like he was.

I called the chiropractor that his pediatrician had recommended, and they were able to see him that afternoon. I was nervous at first because even with the recommendation from his own pediatrician, I honestly thought chiropractic care was something for older people. I figured some teens would benefit from it, but my son was years from even that age. Since I had some time before the appointment and my son was sleeping because of the medication, I did some online research. I was really surprised to see that there is no age limit for chiropractic care, and that even babies who are just weeks old have been seen by one.

That did bring me peace of mind, so I felt a lot better when we went to the doctor’s office that afternoon. My son was still feeling the effects of the medication, but he was able to answer all of the doctor’s questions and did everything the doctor asked him to do. I was so proud of him then because I knew he was having a hard time. The chiropractor did an adjustment on my son’s back, and he actually perked up after that! Now, our entire family goes on a regular basis so we can all feel the best that we can!

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