How Many People Have to Try This?

I was wondering if this stuff works or not. In fact I was wondering how many people would really try this Jamaican black stone stuff. It is a herbal remedy from Jamaica and it is intended to be used for sexual problems. Obviously it is intended for men. I suppose that women have sexual problems, but they are probably associated with the poor performance of the male partner. At least I do not think this sort of solution would do much good for a woman. In theory I guess that it might work, because of the way that the penis becomes erect. When the penis is flaccid, that is because it is not full of blood. The opposite is true when it is erect. So rubbing this black stuff on your penis could potentially do something to cause this effect. I do not know that it does and I would doubt that it does unless it was proven to the contrary.

At any rate not having this problem and knowing that there is a drug that solves erectile problems and gives you enhanced sexual stamina makes it very easy for me to think lowly of this stuff. I suspect that if it really worked, then people would have heard about it a long time ago. People have been interested in sex for as long as there have been people and they have been trying to be better at it almost as long as that. If this stuff were effective the word would get out rather quickly. In the case of Viagra they did not start out looking to make a pill that has this effect. They were using it in a clinical trial for some other purpose and the people in the trial told them about this side effect that it had.

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