Myths about Diabetes–6 most Popular Myths you should know

Human tendency is always to have doubts and suspicion about one thing or the other. Regarding diabetes people have lots of doubts and suspicion, and these doubts generate different myths. It is necessary to understand what are those myths and why one should not believe in them. This article is all about those myths and how incorrect and irrelevant are they. Read it to believe it.

Diabetes simply can be defined as a diesease in which a body is unable to produce or utilize insulin to convert sugar, starch, etc., into energy.

Diabetes Myth no. 1:

A person suffering from diabetes should never exercise

This is not a sin but a crime to spread such rumors. In fact, it is always advised to a diabetic patient to do mild exercise regularly, this will help them to recover completely and even fast. The complications caused to different Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes is controlled through doing proper exercises. However, patient should also remember that this has to be started slowly. That is to say patient should do brisk walk, simple exercise, etc., and gradually start some other exercises, but that too should not be dangerous or risky. It is also found that patient who complains of kidney problems or any kind of eye infection should restrict from exercise, but starts once again when these problems are over.

Diabetes Myth no. 2:

Diabetes is contagious.

This again is a crime, as this not only creates problem to the patient but also to the people around him. In fact this rumor makes many diabetic patients unwilling to socialize with normal people, as they feel inferior. Hence, one should know it very clearly that diabetes is not at all contagious and does not spread from one person to another by sleeping, eating, sitting together, etc. Diabetes is a hereditary disaese as there are some genetic causes for it. Daibetes is also very commom among fat people and people who ignores exercise like anything. But whatever may be the cause of diabetes, it is still not communicable or contagious.

Diabetes Myth no. 3:

Daibetes causes cough and cold

This is completely incorrect. Diabetes neither is communicable nor spread cough and cold.

Diabetes Myth no 4:

Diabetes may cause brain hemorrhage

Now this is also a very wrong thought, as it creates nothing but much more stress and confusion among the patients. When a diabetic patient keeps fasts, he may complain of a severe headache and extreme weakness. All these symptoms let people to assume that it is due and diabetes which gradually will result in brain hemorrhage. However, it is not at all correct and should not be believed. It is also found that children suffering from diabetes may suffer severe headache when they fast, and thus may effect their brain slightly, still it will never cause a brain hemorrhage.

Diabetes Myth no 5:

Say no to fruits

It is not correct. People suffering from disease, in fact should take various fruits, which are healthy. However, all fruits may not sound healthy, so patient should consult the doctor and dietician to know what all is suitable for a diabetic patient.

Diabetes Myth no 6:

Diabetic patient should never touch sweet and sugar content-food
It is a very common and wrong notion that a diabetic patient should strictly avoid sweets and other sugar containing foods. It is true that they should not take excess sweets, sugar, etc. However, a balanced diet including a sweet dessert or sweets is always acceptable. It is also said that if a diabetic patient do exercise, take balanced diet food, they can take one sugar candy every night. Here one should also remember that it is not his excess eating of sugar candies that caused diabetes, but because of his unhealthy practices, also lack of exercises and genetic reasons that cause diabetes.

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